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Sarah is used to pain and heartache, but it's something entirely different this time. She's curled up, looking quite devastated, incredibly broken.

...It's over. I can't...I mean-- I...

I loved him. And it's all gone.
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She’s used to finding herself in strange places. The Labyrinth, and now this place, but all the same, Sarah is in a mood, nervous and wary of the journey she’s soon to be accompanying her new companion on. He and Adras want to take her to Aenir, and she’s accepted in delight, and she’s not so much second-guessing her choice as she is worrying. There’s no guarantee, after all, that she’ll be allowed entrance to Aenir, no promise a Sunstone will work in the hands of her. She’s not a Chosen, after all.

She’s decided to walk her mood off, and is now seated in the gardens, making a circlet of daisies and reciting something to herself, absently and free, of course, to be disturbed and is, despite her nerves, in a rather good temper.

...Now I've Seen Everything


A community dedicated completely to...Well, doing Jareth. 80 members and 60 lurkers. That's 140 people who have way too much free time on their hands and in need of some serious therapy...

Don't let your ego swell too much, Jareth.

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